trustmuse is a production company founded by writer/producer Muse Seymour in 2014. The latest produced short film, ‘Silent Melody‘ premiered in 2016 at the Sanford Meisner Film Festival in San Francisco and a number of current scripts are in pre-production including,  ‘The Doughnut Admirer‘,  which has been nominated for four Best Screenplay awards and won Best Screenplay at the Windy City International Film Festival.

The latest project has us working with Carolyn and Wyatt Kuether of an amazing non-profit called The Production Farm, which works with youth primarily within the foster care system providing them opportunities to succeed through, art, film, and farm work. What they’re creating is a fundraiser for the farm as an immersive theatre experience, Gags Nightmare, which is a tie-in to the forthcoming feature film Gags.


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