Far – At Night We Live

Far: At Night We Live [Vagrant, 2010]

7.4 out of 10.0

After 12 long years, Revolution Smile, Onelinedrawing, Gratitude, and so many more projects; Shaun Lopez, Jonah Matranga and company have brought Far back together for their first release on Vagrant Records, At Night We Live. But after all this time they are back and bringing it. The album opens with “Deafening,” one of the album’s more agressive songs, and immediately you can understand why Far was such a gigantic influence on bands such as Thursday, Jimmy Eat World and others. The blasting guitars, percussion blows, and far too personal vocals of Jonah ring in their triumphant return. Geoff Rickly of Thursday once said of Jonah’s vocals, “It was so raw…this was different: Jonah’s voice wasn’t furious or focused. It was all vulnerable and aching… It felt like I was eavesdropping on an internal dialogue, it felt like I was trespassing.” This is exactly what you get from this album and deep look on the inside of Far’s heart and soul and what made them icons of the late 90’s.

This openness is incredibly obvious on the album’s title track a song written about long-time friend and Deftone’s bassist Chi Cheng, who is in a semi-conscious state after a car accident in 2008. Jonah said the the song came after he had a dream in which he visited Cheng and what he really remembered of the dream were Cheng’s eyes. Jonah sings, “I dreamt that you were alive, really alive/ I dreamt of your eyes, I dreamt of your eyes/ They weren’t just open, they were engaged.”

The impressive part about this album is in its accessibility. You don’t have to know the old Far or be a fan of it, so for those who were too young to remember or for those who didn’t get into the scene till after Far was gone, can easily be taken in by Lopez’s bursting guitar riffs mixed with Jonah’s melodic cries. It’s an easy album to get in to and  for those who haven’t heard them a great place to find out what some of your favourite bands listened to and were influenced by.

Recommended Tracks

– At Night We Live

– Dear Enemy

– Give Me a Reason

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