Linfinity – Martian’s Bloom

Linfinity: Martian’s Bloom [American Myth, 2010]

6.9 out of 10.0

Brooklyn’s Linfinity, with frontman Dylan von Wagner’s bellowing, yet sometimes operatic vibrato, guitarist Josh Collns’ mandolin work, and Megan Berson on the violin and viola, bring a different brand of music to your stereo.

Martian’s Bloom is not the type of album you can get into with just a single listen. At first the band’s sound can be a bit abrasive and von Wagner’s vocals don’t always play well with the music, such as the country tune “Seesaw Love,” in which over-singing with the vibrato becomes an issue and the song “Choo Choo Train to Venice” borders on the absurd. The album does not fit together well as one whole, but many of the individual songs really show off the band’s talent when working together, which believe it or not Linfinity was originally von Wagner’s solo-project. The addition of the backing band, especially Collins’ musical acumen compliments von Wagner’s vision well.

The full sound the band brings on “MSG,” with the guitars, mandolin, strings and the grandiose vocals von Wagner provides are a treat. Another gem on the album is “Tullamore Dew,” which helps show off the band’s versatility. The juxtaposition of the band’s soft sounds here with the vocal stylings bring everything full circle.

Perhaps the best part about Linfinity is their live show and the presence von Wagner and company bring to the stage. His larger-than-life presence is reminiscent to old clips of David Bryne from the Talking Heads. Completely enthralled in the music around him and him, quivering with every syllable. His voice echoes throughout the hall, his eyes bulge as the tempo speeds and it feels like he’s singing right through you. If you get the chance to see them I strongly recommend it you will not be disappointed.

Here is a video of them live with some help from their friends in Murder by Death and Ha Ha Tonka. Linfinty – MSG (Live)

Recommended Tracks


– Tullamore Dew

– Molly Mar of Rome

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