Really Jack in the Box? A Bi-Polar Disorder Joke


So this image was tweeted out earlier tonight by Jack in the Box:



Roughly 5.7 million people struggle with this debilitating disease and it is believed shorten the lifespans of individuals afflicted with it by over 9 years. About 1 in 5 commit suicide and it is ignorance like this that helps drive many people over the edge. Bi-Polar is an incredibly serious, crippling and life-threatening issue.

We need better mental health awareness in this country and this is a prime example of why.

Is this the best form of advertising you have for twitter? Will we get to see a joke about breast cancer tomorrow or perhaps, better yet, childhood obesity? Get it together Jack in the Box and try not to be so idiotic and offensive.

To find out more about Bi-Polar Disorder visit Equilibrium: The Bi-Polar Foundation.

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