Zâmbeste si fara Motiv (Smile with no Motives)

“Smile for no reason”. Smile with no motives. Just smile. A beautiful mind, shares a beautiful image of a beautiful phrase. I no longer smile without reason. I have a perpetual reason to smile it seems and I can’t stop. A new flow of emotions has the fiber of my being and there is no stopping it now. It’s taken over.

I’m not certain when it happened, but it did. Perfect words have been appearing in my mind from 8 time zones, 5,000 miles, 14 hours by air, and lord knows how many hours by boat away; and despite the obstacles the words, mind, soul, have worked their way in causing palpitations of the magnitude that could make California drop into the sea.

Their night is my evening and my night, their morning, a cycle of time seemingly too powerful to overcome. Yet, here I am, “Zâmbind pentru toate motivele”.

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